Photography is my passion, whereas the world of wild nature is my source of inspiration. Oftentimes I venture into remote corners of the world in pursuit of the perfect shot, yet I also discover myriads of photo subjects in my native Poland.

While photographing nature, I seek harmony in the images. Nature is complete and perfectly balanced. It remains in constant motion. I appreciate its variability and unpredictability. It delights with the play of light, changes colours and creates shadows while it comes to life in spring and sheds leaves in autumn.

In my work I follow clear ethical rules. Photographing wild animals in their natural habitat comes with great responsibility. My presence must not influence their behaviours, expose them to stress or harm. I neither bait them nor attract their attention. The welfare of nature is much more important to me than taking a spectacular picture. I strive to minimise my impact on it in order to safeguard its subtle beauty for as long as possible.

Distinction in a competition
International Wildbird Photo Competition 2020 Festiwal de l'Oiseau et la Nature

Two photographs of my authorship were awarded with prestigious distinction in the International Wildbird Photo Competition 2020 and subsequently qualified to an exhibition celebrating the 30th…

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Decade of Creators
An interview for Nikon School

Together with my daughter Maja we were invited by Akademia Nikona (Nikon School) to be interviewed as part of the “Decade of Creators” project. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its…

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Ethics in nature photography
Publication in Gazeta Wyborcza

Enjoy the reading of an article on ethics in nature photography written by a science journalist and children’s books author Wojciech Mikołuszko. The publication includes, among others, a statement…

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